Shaman Stones is a safe and respectful method of working with healing crystals that is based on sound medical evidence and science.  Working with the ‘Not Cold Ice Stone’ or the crystal can bring beauty and wonder into your session and enhance your wellness journey by utilizing scientifically proven principles of electromagnetism, piezoelectric effect, light and sound vibrations.

Shaman Stones Healing CrystalsA Shaman Stones treatment can be an entire treatment process, or incorporated into other Stone Medicine work.  This non invasive, gentle work with healing crystals and light can help to increase circulation, offer detoxification, and intense relaxation.  It is great for people who are recovering from an illness or surgery, for whom massage might not be advised.

Many clients report that they have some of their most relaxing and healing sessions happen when crystals are involved.  The crystals take many people on a journey to a deep place of healing and wellness during these sessions, like taking a power nap!

I was so relaxed during the massage that I think I either fell asleep or dozed and went somewhere else that I can not describe. I could feel my body letting go of stress and muscle tightness and “let my guard down.”  The release in my shoulder muscles was amazing!

While there is a lot of “woo woo” out there when it comes to healing crystal modalities, this treatment is avoids many of the common new agey stereotypes about healing crystals and is back up by scientifically proven and documented principles of electromagnetism, piezoelectric effect, color,  light and sound vibrations.