Sacred Strokes are Stone Medicine treatments that address specific physical, emotional, and spiritual healing concerns.  They take inspiration from nature and have been fine tuned over the course of many generations to offer physical and spiritual healing for a variety of wellness goals.

Sacred Strokes for physical and spiritual healingMany Native people believe that plants and animals carry a specific ‘medicine’, similar to what other belief systems call ‘energy’.  Many of the Sacred Strokes are named after plants and animals and can help bring the ‘medicine’ of that living thing into your session to assist in your wellness journey.

Buffalo can come dance with you in your session to bring you strength and endurance.

Grandmother Cedar can teach you about being grounded and balanced.  Each stroke is a sequence of stone placements and movements that is specific to that stroke.

Some of the specific concerns that can be addressed by the Sacred Strokes include depression, pregnancy and postpartum, neurological Sacred Strokes for physical and spiritual healingdisorders, addiction, abuse, pre and post surgery, grief, joint and muscle pain, anxiety, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome,
fibromyalgia and many others.  This is not an all inclusive list; the strokes can be customized to meet a wide variety of treatment goals.

Shanna will talk with you before your session to find out about your needs and goals for physical and spiritual healing.

Sometimes, a Sacred Stroke (or combination of strokes) will be an obvious choice for your goals and sometimes the choice will be less obvious and a particular stroke will ‘speak’ for your session through intuition to let us know that it will be the one to best meet your needs.

The magic of Stone Medicine is that sometimes, a stroke will jump in in the middle of the session and surprise you bringing gifts that you didn’t know that you needed!