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Supporting your journey towards wellness by connecting 

you with ancient healing widsom for the modern world!

Supporting your journey to wellness!

Would you rather support your wellness, or treat illness?  

Nature gives us so many powerful tools for supporting wellness!  Which tools are right for your path?

Massage and Bodywork

I specialize in offering hot and cold stone massage and I have been helping people in pain since 2013!

Young Living Essential Oils

Essential oils are powerful tools to support your wellness every day that are easy to use. Learn more about using these true gifts from the plant kingdom for your family.

Stone Medicine

Are you looking for something different from your massage experience? A deeper level of healing and wellness?

How Can I Help You Achieve Wellness?

I have been serving people on their path to wellness for 15 years. I have seen hundreds of clients on my massage table, offering improved function and a respite from everyday life and a touch of something sacred.
My sessions center around a graceful dance of hot and cold massage stones and Stone Medicine, an ancient and traditional method of working with the body.
I have a question for you. What does success look like for you? How can I help you get there? Will you walk with me on this path towards wellness?

here is what other clients have to say

I am so blessed to have so many long term clients in my practice who consistently refer their friends and family to me.  

“Shanna combines excellent technique, the power of stone therapy, and guidance from Spirit to create a powerful and transformative healing environment.  Her unique gifts and expertise combine to offer physical relief and deeper clearing at the energetic level.  This combination of physical and energetic work has helped me heal injuries and remove blocks that can lead to reinjury. 
As an experienced healer myself I have high standards for the professionals with whom I work.  Shanna offers a healing space that is safe, powerful, and collaborative.  She is clear and ethical in her work allowing for deep relaxation and comfort.  I have also appreciated her genuine interest in my experience of what is helpful and what I know about what I need in a particular stone therapy session.”
J.C. in Northfield

“When I begin to feel physically and emotionally drained I know it is time to visit Shanna for one of her rejuvenating rain baths.  Shanna always takes the time to find out how you are doing physically and emotionally and uses that knowledge to help shape your session with her.  I leave my session feeling ready to take on the world again.  The oils, techniques and ceremonial aspects she uses seem to find their way to all parts of my body and mind and allow me to find my center again.  I am so grateful that Shanna is sharing her gifts with all of us.”


M.T. in Owatonna

I have found the sessions, which have been tailored by Shanna to my personal needs, extremely relaxing and beneficial to my overall health and well being. Shanna’s sessions reflect the depth of her massage training,knowledge, post graduate education and sensitivity to her client’s needs.”

from S.T. from Eagan

Stone medicine - A traditional Native american wellness method

A Stone Medicine treatment is different than many other methods of bodywork being offered today because it addresses both physical issues and the spiritual and emotional issues that often underlie them.  The treatment itself is a ceremony that is unique for each client and for each session.

Sacred Strokes

Sacred Strokes are Stone Medicine treatments that address specific physical, emotional, and spiritual healing concerns.  They take inspiration from nature and have been fine tuned over the course of many generations to offer physical and spiritual healing for a variety of wellness goals.

Rainbath Ceremony

The Rain Bath Ceremony treatment is a powerful treatment that offers profound healing of body and spirit.  The treatment is very similar to the well known Raindrop therapy treatment offered by Young Living, and is based on indigenous traditions from the North American continent.

Healing Hands

Healing hands is a Native American form of energy work, similar to reiki healing , that has been practiced in some form on this continent for thousands of years.

I send out a monthly appointment e-mail, which allows us all to be intentional about finding time for wellness.  

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