How To Begin Selling Essential Oils by Starting a Young Living Business

Learning that I could start a Young Living business by using essential oils to improve my family’s health and then teaching others to do the same has really been a game changer. 

My name is Shanna, and I have been involved in the health and wellness industry for 15 years as a massage therapist and educator.  Young Living is truly one of the best essential oil brands out there. I have been using Young Living oils on myself, my clients and my family, and I have seen firsthand the powerful effects of these potent gifts from nature.

This opportunity has truly given me new energy and direction in my life. I wake up every morning excited about whose life I might be able to change today by connecting them to life changing essential oils and the amazing opportunity to create abundance by sharing these amazing oils with others.

Shanna on a mountain - My Young Living Business takes me higher!

Before I dive into the nuts and bolts of how this works, I want you to stop for a second to dream. 

Allow yourself to dream big, without limitations.  Is your picture of success improving your health and having a few extra hundred dollars each month?  Providing a more substantial source of income so you can stay home with your family? Creating a long term source of residual income that can sustain you for a lifetime and that you can pass on to your kids?

My personal dream centers around my passion for helping people.  The opportunity to build a thriving community of people that are as passionate about helping others achieve their wellness goals gets me really excited.

  The fact that I can do this and turn it into something that can support my financial wellness so that I can support my kids and go after some of the other big things on my bucket list is truly the icing on the cake. 

Many folks try network marketing for a little while, and they quit when they meet resistance, when they discover that it is simple, but not necessarily easy.  They are treating it like a hobby.   

I am going after my dream. I am going to put in the hard work and I am going to nail this. Are you coming with me?

But I Have Already Tried Other Network Marketing Companies and Failed…

Like you, this is not the first network marketing opportunity that I have tried. When I attempted this many years ago (with a different company), I failed mostly because of my own limiting beliefs.  I just could not see myself as being as successful as those super inspiring people that I could see who were further down the path.

I want to tell you a secret that I have learned from my own life experiences. You really do choose who you allow yourself to become.  I know this sounds cliche, but every tiny little thought that action that makes up your day creates who you are to become. There is an awesome book about rewriting the stories that we tell ourselves everyday to change our beliefs and our lives called “Mach 2 – With Your Hair on Fire”. You should pick up a copy! 

Previous leaders told me this, but I never really believed it in my heart. After gathering up some more life experiences in my basket, I now know in my heart that your choices help you GROW into that person.  One. Step. At. A. Time.  

So if it is so easy, why doesn’t everybody succeed?   Because growth is not always easy. It involves pushing your own limits, and sometimes doing things that make you uncomfortable. It involves making mistakes and getting back up.  Each time you get to a point where something is uncomfortable, YOU CHOOSE whether you are going to turn back or whether you are going to GROW.

I CAN be that person who gets what I want out of this opportunity.  I am going to be that person that I see ahead of me on the path who achieves my dreams.  I am going after this. One. Step. At. A Time. Do you want to come with me?  

Picking an amazing product driven company helps, too.  Young Living is successfully growing around the world after 20 years because they make amazing products that really help people.  There is no other trick to to, no gimmick, no magic. The products help people and there are so many people around the world who are looking for ways to support their health that really work. 

If you are excited by what I am saying but you don’t know how you are going to get there, don’t worry about it too much now.

I want to teach you how to use essential oils to help yourself and help your family, and then teach you how to teach others to do the same.  

What is the First Step to Starting a Young Living Business?

The most important thing to know in becoming a successful Young Living independent distributor is that we are not selling essential oils.  I hate to break it to you, but if you are just here to sell oils and don’t have any plan of learning to love them and use them yourself, you will fail. 

If you are like me and LOVE helping people but you HATE the idea of selling things, then you are in good company and you will love what I am about to spell out.

We are sharing the life changing benefits of essential oils with others in a real, authentic way so that the people that we are helping fall in love with them on their own.  When you do it this way, there is no “selling” involved. What this means is that your fist step towards making money with Young Living is that you have to fall in love with the products. 

When you share it this way, you create abundance for the person that you are serving by improving their health and their quality of life.  Once you do that, your financial abundance will grow as well. 

If you start out down the path of selling essential oils, you might get people to buy a bottle here and there. Without providing them the education about how to use the oils and how they can transform their own lives by using oils to replace the toxic products in their home, etc , they will not see the long term benefits in their lives and they will probably not order again.

If you can share your love of these products with other people and teach them how to have the same positive, life changing benefits from them that you do, they will continue to order and they will want to share it with others.  This is a lot easier path to walk than “selling essential oils”.

Your premium starter kit is the first step to building your Young Living Business

To love the products, your first step is to learn about them and USE THEM.  Everyday. The absolute best place to start your journey is to join Young Living by investing in a Premium Starter Kit.  Trust me in saying this, because I did not start out with the starter kit. In the end, I ended up buying most of the oils in the kit and a diffuser separately and I spent a lot more money.  

You will also want to make sure that sign up for Essential Rewards.  This is a great program that Young Living offers that gives you credit back on your purchases AND exciting bonus gifts along the way.

I want to put everything out on the table for you…you will need to commit to making an investment in your own health in doing this to make your business grow.  I hope that this doesn’t put you off, but there are a lot of sources for folks to buy essential oils now days. 

If the money is a hardship, you can easily use your monthly essential rewards order to replace the household and personal care products that you are already using with less toxic options.  This way will take less of a bite out of your budget until you get some momentum.  

Most families spend at least $50/month on household and personal care products that are toxic and filled with chemicals (even the “eco friendly, safe ones aren’t necessarily safe).

Young Living Business Essential Rewards

If you are serious about treating this as a business, then this will be a temporary condition that will soon resolve once you start sharing and have enough income to pay for your oils (this won’t take long. 5-10 dedicated, focused hours a week should have you heading in this direction in a few months or less). 

If you are not using Young Living essential oils already, I really want you to spend a few months learning to use the oils in your Young Living Premium starter kit, ordering new oils and products through your Essential Rewards (you are going to sign up, right?  I don’t want you to miss out on your free stuff).

You need time to let these true gifts from nature help you like they have helped me, so that you can inspire others.

How to Start Making Money with Young Living

Ok, now that I got all of that out, I want to tell you about how to start making money selling essential oils from home.  

As much I love the products, this is an essential oil business for me and I don’t ever hide that. I am so proud to be involved in a business that mirrors my values by supporting my passion for helping others.  

I feel like network marketing opportunities and MLM opportunities have gotten a bad reputation because of a few unscrupulous companies. The reason that I love this particular business model is because I am all about the web of connections that it creates between people.

The “network” in network marketing means that I stay connected to those that are in front of and behind me on the path, and we work together to create together a web of abundance that feeds us all.  We work together to reach a place of freedom.

We are making a different choice.  My success DEPENDS on yours. Your success feeds off of mine.  You are not alone on this path. We are going to succeed together.  You don’t have to be an expert, and you don’t have to figure this all out on your own.  You start from where you are, work hard and and I will give you all of the tools, resources and support that you need so that we can rise together.  

Basically, it simmers down to this.  You make money with Young Living by making connections with people and supporting them on their wellness journey by teaching them how to use essential oils in their daily life.  When they love their products and order more, you will make a commission from their purchases for your time spent investing in their health.

This is the first level of earning.  You are the link between your customer and the company.  They sign up for a membership to receive the 24% wholesale discount (kind of like Sam’s Club or Costco, but it is only a one time fee) and you get rewarded for educating your customers about their health sharing your love. 

When you gather a few people who love oils as much as you do and you offer them support and access to opportunity, there are going to be a few folks who see what you are doing and get excited about the opportunity to create abundance for themselves through sharing.  

These folks become your business builders, and you teach them to duplicate what you are doing and to share the oils themselves.  This creates a web of wellness that will continue to grow with your support and passion. You can lift them up with you and show them how to lift those up that come behind them on their path.

Tip:  If you are going to become an essential oil distributor with Young Living and make this into a business, you will need to ramp up to an order of roughly $50-$100/month to earn your commissions.  Don’t worry, you will become addicted to using oils and soon your business will grow to cover the cost of your oil habit 😉  

The company does this so that those that are selling are truly “products or the product”.  They do not want you to sell something that you don’t live and love yourself. That would not be authentic and that is not what we are about.

It creates an opportunity to flip that equation on its head and allow our dreams to support and inspire us and towards further greatness.   You will create the residual income that will create freedom in your life. 

This does not mean that it will be easy, and it does not mean that you will not have to work hard and CONTINUE to work hard, but you will have the freedom to make choices about when and how much you will work, and if you take a day or a week off, you will continue to receive a pay check.

You will have to work to build your Young Living Business

There are going to be people along your path that cannot hear what you are saying. They are dead set against it before you even start because the have heard negative things or maybe even had a negative experience with previous network marketing companies or MLM opportunities.  

You are a smart person, and I don’t think that you need anyone else to tell you what to think.  If you can get past the stereotypes and focus in on how this essential oil business supports and empowers the people on your path to change the world by offering wellness, one person at a time, you will be as excited about this as I am.

How You are Going to Rock Your Young Living Business is Up to You!

You are setting off on a path sharing the gift of wellness through the power of essential oils.  How to start selling essential oils is up to you!

No matter which way you choose to grow your business, your focus will be connecting with people and education.  When you start on my team as a Young Living independent distributor, I am going to hook you up with some excellent training and resources (including two exclusive Facebook business building groups) to give you the knowledge that you need as the foundation of your business.

Many people start their Young Living business by teaching “essential oil 101 classes”, either in homes or on a larger scale for the general public.  This is a great way to build your confidence and interact with your target market of folks who are looking for information about essential oils.

Teaching classes to groups is one of the things that I love most about my business, but there are many different ways to offer education about oils.  You might veer more towards offering one on one mini classes. You could choose to offer classes online and connecting with people in that way. You could focus in on doing fun make and take parties. 

You might choose to go in a completely different direction.  Maybe you have connections in another country that will enable you to tap in to the many growing international markets that Young Living is experiencing absolutely explosive growth in.  Essential oils for pets? Maybe that is your groove. Maybe you are super passionate about teaching parents how to use essential oils to help their kids. Maybe you will choose to focus your marketing towards businesses like chiropractors and other wellness professionals. 

There is not one single path to success, and as many ways to do this business as there are people doing it.  The most important thing is consistency. Whatever path you choose to take, you need to be consistent with it and work it.  You have to DO IT.  

That is the great thing about this essential oil business opportunity.  You are in control. You choose how hard you want to work at is and how much you are willing to hustle (no lies, folks, I am not going to sugar coat anything for you.  Nothing worthwhile is easy. It will take some work.)  The freedom is ABSOLUTELY worth it, but no one will hand it to you. You have to create it.

The Young Living Levels: Your Path Towards Greatness 

The great thing about this essential oil business opportunity with Young Living is that we all start out at the same spot – as a Young Living independent distributor.  Where you decide to go from here with your Young Living business is only limited by your own beliefs and your willingness to work hard.  

Many people get turned off from opportunities like this because they approach everyone in their circle about their opportunity.  When they don’t get a good response from the people close to them, they throw their hands up in the air and say, “Well, that didn’t work” and they move on to something else in their lives.  These people are treating this like a hobby. 

To build a business, you are going to need to move beyond your immediate circle and SEEK out people who are looking for more information about how to improve their health and wellness.  The good news is that the wellness and essential oil industry is HUGE in today’s busy world because modern life is really taking its toll on peoples’ health and sense of wellness. Trust me when I say that there are a lot people seeking what you have to offer.

Once you start making those connections with people and building your web, you will start to move up through the Young Living levels. 

YOu can achieve any level that you want in your young living business

To attain the first few Young Living levels, you will need to focus on creating a strong foundation for your business.  You will be working hard to sign people up who will join your first “tier” of those you are going to mentor on the path.  Your work will be in supporting these folks in learning about how to use Young Living essential oils. While doing this, you will be looking for a few folks who you can empower to build a business with you.  This is how you will move to the rank of Star, then Senior Star, then Executive.

Simply sharing oils and helping others sign up for their own premium starter kits and Essential Rewards orders while mentoring a few people CAN get you to Executive.  To reach the next tier of Young Living levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum), you will need to expand your focus into developing leaders by teaching your people how to duplicate what you are doing. By this point, you will have the basics down and can expand your skills and confidence into other areas.  

If you are not seeking to reach the top tiers in the company, Silver can be a great first goal to start with because it gets you to a point where you are covering your own oil purchases AND making a good income to boot.

The last tier of levels comes to those who work hard to expand their reach and refine their mentoring skills.  To reach Diamond, Crown Diamond and Royal Crown Diamond, your leadership skills that you have honed will need to expand to feed a web of wellness and abundance underneath you.  This must be a very rewarding spot to reach because by this point, you will be supporting many, many people on their paths to physical and financial wellness.

I want to reiterate that not everyone needs to get to the higher levels of Young Living to reach their goals.  The middle levels are a great place to strive for. Many people will tell you that only the people on the top tiers of these network marketing companies are really making any money, but I can tell you that this is not the case. 

Going After Our Dreams

You came here because you were looking for an essential oil business opportunity.  You are looking to see if you could really make money selling essential oils from home or selling essential oils online.  I am confident in telling you that you can, and if you join me on this path we will succeed in reaching our dreams together.

You in your young living business

I have been using these products for years, and I can tell you that there is a reason that Young Living is the leader in the industry.  Young Living is one of the best essential oil brands to buy from and one of the best essential oil companies to build an essential oil business with. The products are amazing and life changing and they are a brand that is recognized WORLDWIDE as offering the highest level of potency and quality.

Have I convinced you?  Are you ready to change lives (especially your own) and join Young Living and become an essential oil distributor?

When you sign up on my team, you will get access to some amazing support and resources. Most importantly, I am going to help you get up and running and stick with you until you are up and running and building a team who share your passion and values.

You will also get access to the following resources as a business builder on my team:

  • Access to comprehensive business training and resources through
  • Monthly Essential Oils 101 classes online that you can invite anyone that you know who is interested in learning more about essential oils
  • A monthly online business training to get YOUR new team members off to a strong start!
  • Access to private Facebook groups to learn about the oils and about the business
  • Most importantly, you get ME, here in your corner to answer any questions that you have and to be your personal cheerleader.

Is there anything that you need from me to help you make that big step and start a Young Living business alongside me?  

I want you to imagine for a moment what would change in your life if this really worked the way that you are hoping in your heart that it can.  What would your life look like? What would change? What would that be worth?

Hold that vision in your head and know in your heart that it is true.  It really can be that amazing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I am excited to work with you to empower you to reach your dreams.

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