Prenatal Massage and
Post Partum Massage

Honoring and nurturing your journey into Motherhood

Prenatal Massage Stones 1A Stone Medicine prenatal massage session not only helps to relieve some of the physical discomforts of pregnancy but seeks to honor your unique journey into motherhood and your own rebirth as ‘Mom’.  Stone Medicine’s Prenatal Stones is the only stone massage course certified by the American Pregnancy Massage Association.

This unique massage modality was developed in consultation with a medical doctor to take into account a wide variety of pregnancy variations and to give you the safest prenatal massage for you and your baby.

Pregnancy and childbirth are rights of passage that have been celebrated probably since the beginning of time.  In earlier, perhaps simpler times, other women in a pregnant woman’s family and community would have Prenantal Massage Stones 2celebrated with her and helped her to prepare physically, spiritually and emotionally for the transformation into motherhood.  This extensive support and preparation over months has in many cases been distilled down into today’s baby shower, an afternoon affair.

The physical benefits of massage during pregnancy have been well documented.  Massage with stones and the unique ceremonial approach of Stone Medicine adds a spiritual and emotional component
unlike any other pregnancy massage.  The warm stones add a encouraging, supportive feeling to the session, nurturing and cradling you as you nurture and cradle the new life inside of you.

After your baby is born, stone massage can help your body to make a Prenantal Massage Stones 3gentle transition back to your pre pregnancy state.   The ancient ceremonies of Stone Medicine can help you to integrate the profound, life changing experience that you have been through and help you to feel grounded and at home again in your new, changed body.

As you emerge from your ‘cave’ reborn as mommy, you are invested with a new intensity and purpose.  You have just come through a huge trial and are still working on integrating the power and lessons from it.  You are mommy.  You can do anything!


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