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Shanna Schultz

About Me:
Shanna Schultz

Shanna Schultz had been offering wellness to clients for over 10 years as a before the stones came into her life.  At that time, Shanna was a talented massage therapist specializing in deep tissue massage, but she had sense that there was something missing from her work; something deeper, more intuitive and spiritual.

She was introduced to Stone Medicine in 2007 and since then, things have never been the same!  After seeing and experiencing the huge benefits of offering stones for her clients and herself, she has focused her practice to exclusively offer stone massage and Stone Medicine.

Shanna is one of the most experienced stone massage providers in the Midwestern United States, having proudly earned the title of Stone Medicine Instructor and Master Lastone Therapist (LaStone is the original stone massage education provider in the modern world).

She is well educated in many methods of safely offering stones to clients so that each client receives the most therapeutic benefit possible.  Shanna follows safety and sanitation rules laid out by the Stone Massage Association, the foremost certifying body for Stone Massage Practitioners.

As a Stone Medicine instructor, Shanna strives to pass on her love for working with the stones and for the ceremonies that are a part of Stone Medicine to each student.

Shanna Schultz Red Altar

Shanna has the unique talent of being able to explain the same thing in a different way for each student, depending on how it is best for them to learn it.  She feels passionate about passing on these teachings so that others in the future may continue to benefit from their incredible gifts of wellness and in passing on some of the ceremonial wisdom that is an integral part of Stone Medicine teachings.

“I feel like Stone Medicine has truly changed my entire life.  Being blessed with learning these ancient traditions and trusted to carry them forward into the future has given my business and personal life new direction and focus.  The stones have shown me how to let go and be open to the path that the Universe intends for me.”

As a Stone Medicine practitioner, Shanna is focused on being “hollow” and listening to the client and the stones during each and every session.  She loves that Stone Medicine gives her a dialogue and tools for digging deeper to find the true roots of issues that may be causing physical or emotional distress.  Each session is a unique dance between the Shanna and the client, the stones and the ancient ceremonies from which Stone Medicine comes.

Shanna Schultz Massage“Many indigenous healing traditions teach the belief that everything has a spirit and wisdom…plants, rocks, dirt.  The stones bring their unique spirit and wisdom to my sessions for each client. Sometimes, the session goes in the direction that I expected and sometimes, the stones walk us in a completely different direction!  It is magical when this happens, because often it brings the client to an unexpected solution to their problem, or  a solution to a problem that they didn’t know that they had.”

Being hollow and open to listening to the client and the stones and taking each moment and each breath one at a time are the central focal points that Shanna strives to live and convey in her sessions and her teaching.

Stone Medicine has taught Shanna that each moment is a ceremony, and her goal is to help her clients and students make the most of the precious ceremony that is their lives by offering wellness and by helping them find moments of sacredness.